Friday, May 9, 2008

Garlic - the Italian cure for thrips

I love hearing the unique methods growers use to keep pests out of their greenhouses. I've heard quite a few times about brushing plants with plastic strips to retard growth, simulating being blown through the breeze in an open field. We saw this in practice at Elzinga & Hoeksema.

The latest thing I've heard is including garlic plants on your benches to repel thrips, being used by Shed Nursery in Mentone, Ala. I can't imagine hating the smell of garlic, but I guess it works. Even as I was looking for a photo of garlic, I came across this testimonial from a gardener on Flickr:

GARDEN TIP: The next time aphids are attacking your roses try spraying them with a mixture of crushed garlic and them drop.
Photo by Smitten on Flickr.

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