Monday, January 25, 2010

Why This Spring Is Different For Retail

Next week will be my first ANLA Management Clinic. Who's going to be at Clinic? I think this is a critical time for all types of retailers to look at their practices to take advantage of a few key elements of business this spring:

- We're tired of being depressed. As a shopper myself, I'm tired of being thrifty. I want to spend. Even if I can't spend a lot, I want to have fun shopping. Are you ready for me? I loved what I was seeing at Atltanta's Mart this year -- lots of fun, vibrant
colors that made me feel ready for spring.

- New spins on last year's trends. Fresh and local veggies are going to be hot again this year, but they're going to need a new spin this year. Because the economy is starting to turn around, the need-based vegetable gardener may be going away, but the Food Network-watching demographic isn't. What can you do to get the budding chef to buy your herbs, veggies, or maybe gourmet foods?

- Talk to your customers for free! A year ago, what was your social media profile? What is it now? If the picture's about the same, it's time to supercharge your Facebook page and get rolling on some YouTube videos. These services multiply your reach exponentially, and cost nothing but time. There are several sessions at Clinic this year on social media. Please check out at least one, maybe the roundtable session I'm hosting on Tuesday, February 2 at 1p.m., on using social media to enhance your brand.

- Gardening needs a hero. If your reach isn't national, be the gardening hero in your region. Get your face out there. Answer some questions. Is there a local radio show that needs hosting? And be entertaining. Now that America is entertained by the viral video, the bar has been raised. Entertaining isn't just for Super Bowl commercials anymore.

Hope to see you at Clinic, but until then, what will you do to make this spring different at retail?

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