Friday, January 4, 2008

What I Learned In The January 2008 Issue Of Greenhouse Grower

- 93 percent of our Benchrunner e-newsletter readers would be interested in knowing how their operations measure up in terms of sustainability. And 61 percent do not produce painted poinsettias.

- If you place 100 pounds of plant material into a drying oven, only about 10 pounds of dry plant material would be left. Plants are about 90 percent water, according to Bill Argo and Paul Fisher in their new series on plant nutrition.

-Three new Hort Couture programs will debut at Short Course 2008.

- Five fall sale weekends at Swanson’s added up to $1 million in plant sales.

- California Pack Trials are earlier this year, March 28 – April 6.

- I think our new Variety Central section will be really helpful in finding out what’s new. And our first shot at it in the January issue came out really well.

Mercer Botanicals has possibly the best grower logo – a lizard in a labcoat.


Administrator said...

What are the Hort Couture programs about?

Sara Tambascio said...

Hort Couture is a marketing concept for independent garden centers, sophisticated packaging and display, all surrounding annual, perennial, grass, succulent and tropical plants. Here's the Web site: