Friday, September 14, 2007

We Like Lowe's

Consumers prefer Lowe's over Home Depot, reports MarketWatch From Dow Jones, based on a survey by consulting firm Consumer Specialists.
"Lowe's rated higher than Home Depot in most areas, including product selection and customer service. Asked which chain they like better, 53% of respondents chose Lowe's, while 47% chose Home Depot. That's an even wider gap than a similar survey in 2006, which found a 51%-49% preference for Lowe's."
I picked up on this story from our sister publication, Today's Garden Center. The survey also says people who prefer Depot spend an average of $763 at stores in the prior six months, while those who prefer Lowe's spent and average of $454. So maybe they have to call this one even.

Personally, I prefer Lowe's, in the garden area and overall. Home Depot still has a contractor feel that is intimidating to me, but it is move convenient for me as far as location goes. That's another advantage to Depot the survey noted -- lots of stores to choose from.

Oh geez, my husband is going to interpret that, "Honey, let's go to Lowe's this weekend and remodel our bathroom."

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