Thursday, November 10, 2011

How Are You Thinking Differently This Holiday?

I want to see 'em -- all the things you've never tried before, the new decoration idea you're trying, the products you've never sold before, the displays you've never tried before. Giving painted poinsettias a shot? A new color scheme for Christmas? A new holiday plant? If it's new, I want to hear about it.

I saw this cool idea to steal in This Old House magazine -- DIY chalkboard planters. Spray the side of some wooden boxes with chalkboard paint and bundle with a few sticks of chalk. Plant your amaryllis and paperwhites, mark down the date you planted them. Or plant herbs and label them. It's part of the customization trend that can work for you.

So I want to see your photos. EMail them to me at and let's share some new ideas.

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