Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It Doesn't Matter If You Like It

In this week's Benchrunner eNewsletter, we had a story about Silver Vase's new Indigo Mystique orchid, in the same family as the Blue Mystique orchid. It was the most clicked-on item in the eNewsletter, and we have two comments on the story so far. They are:
Fake is still fake no matter the color. As far as I can tell the consumer is not made aware of the deception. Sorry, thumbs down on orchids dyed wild unnatural colors. I don't much like it in food either.
 And, succinctly:
There is a parallel controversy going on over on the woody side with Proven Winners Color Choice's Bloomerang Purple, a lilac that blooms several times a year and has garden purists all up in arms

I love Proven Winners' response to the controversy:
And isn’t that the beauty having your own home garden? Since it is your garden, you can put in whatever plants you want – innovative and new, or traditional and old-fashioned.

While I'm completely interested in hearing your thoughts on anything you want to talk about, I hope you realize as a grower that your opinions on a variety don't mean a whole lot compared to what consumers think.

Let's talk about why consumers like the Mystique orchid varieties -- color! That's what consumers are looking for in plants. The splash of color an electric blue orchid can provide for a room is a lot easier to obtain compared to painting walls or even adding slipcovers on couches.

The consumer chatter has already started over Indigo Mystique. Look at what consumers are saying about Indigo on the Blue Mystique Facebook page:
i want one i am in houston
I have one and I love it
Awesome!!!! Love it
While you're making your selections for next spring, ask yourself if you are putting more weight in your opinion over your customers. It's fine if you hate it, but are you willing to put that aside to give consumers what THEY want?

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