Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Are demographics a blessing or a curse for Hort Couture?

Marketing will never be easy, because as much as we like to categorize people in demographic buckets, people are individuals. Take a look at this post over at Garden Rant on Hort Couture. Some female gardeners think it's a cute concept, some aren't so hot on the idea. Some are even "completely insulted."

Hort Couture's marketing is obviously not for the gardener who likes to have her hands in the dirt. It's for the decorator who uses flowers. The gardener who likes to have her hands in the dirt doesn't really need to be marketed, I guess you could say.

I did just receive an email this morning, though, that Hort Couture has started a blog, so you can check that out and decide for yourself.


trey said...

I think it's regional. This campaign might resonate in the city, but here in the foothills it may not. This is horse country. We are made up of people who "escaped" The Bay Area, so imaging that reminds one of the city doesn't resonate as well.

This is one reason I feel the horticulture industry shouldn't worry about national ad campaigns. Tailor it to the region. Gardening is local.

Sam said...

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