Monday, August 4, 2008

Blogger Of The Week: Steppin' Out With The Stepables Lady

Steppin' Out With The Stepables Lady is showing the industry how blogging is done. Frances Hopkins of Stepables is the blogger and is the perfect personality for blogging -- fun, interesting and upbeat. She tells us about her philosophy on plants ("I took some drawing classes in college. I was decent, but horticulture came calling and I guess I turned in the charcoal for a pair of pruning shears") and shares a little about herself ("I wanted to train wild animals too…but got bit by a lion".) And photos!

I just heard in a lecture on managment the other day that the number one factor that clouds employees' feelings about a job isn't the work, but their co-workers. I think the same can be said about the supplier/customer relationship. If your customers feel like they know and like you, they'll stay your customers. A blog is the perfect way to keep that relationship strong.

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