Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Nice Broquet

I was really into the man-friendly mixed containers the NFL Network used to gussy up its SuperBowl XLII set on Sunday (see video of it, and Plaxico Burress, here)

This probably caught my eye even more because I noticed these containers right after hearing about Banana Florist. The florist’s arrangements are lovely, but what sets the company apart from others is their attitude. Using humor that seriously reaches out to grab readers, I’m sure this new company will give others in its area a run for their money. C’mon try to beat this description of a foliage dish garden:

So, Pat from Accounting bailed you out of a jam. Naturally, you'd like to show your gratitude. Let's steer clear of red roses, unless you want a Disclosure Form from HR. (And lots of unexpected attention from Pat.) The Unmixed Signal safely conveys your appreciation for co-workers and other folks you know professionally.

And the Broquet is the solution for sending a man flowers. Quirky humor is definitely in. Even more than that, they incorporate links to pop culture Web sites like YouTube and Gawker, connecting themselves to the world young people inhabit.

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Joe from BF said...

The Broquet seems to have gotten most of the attention, but the Unmixed Signal is my personal favorite. Happy that you, too, liked the copy for that one.