Tuesday, February 26, 2008

National Floriculture Forum - Good times

There's always a lot to learn when touring with a group of professors. Thanks to this year's National Floriculture Forum in Raleigh, N.C., I am now aware I have a serious Moon Pie addiction.

I also learned that Tony Avent is a pretty cool guy. He’s president of Plant Delights, the mail order perennials breeder/grower. The company T-shirt says it all (see photo). Tony is a fun guy. His sense of humor shines through his catalog. The company's niche is unique plants – lots of trillium, especially. The grower’s gardens are situated around a house, so visitors during the company’s open house can see what the great varieties would look like at home.

Tony told us sales of agaves have skyrocketed with the drought going on in the Southeast. Plant Delights is keeping up with those consumer trends by digging up and replanting its garden beds at least every ten years.

There are some really cool plants to see here. Click here to check out photos.

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Dr. Charlie Hall said...

If only we'd had some RC Colas to go along with the moonpies!

Other cool factoids from the trip included the following comments:

"We should focus on the right plant in the right place [in the landscape"

"People very seldom have an impulse to buy a poor quality plant!"

"If you can't beat'em, do something different!"

"It's all about the relationship; getting to know the customer and even becoming friends with the customer."

Good job Sara!