Friday, October 12, 2007

What I Learned In This Issue Of Greenhouse Grower

We're wrapping up production of the November issue, and here's what I got out of it.

- Jennifer Polanz was right. The former managing editor of Today’s
Garden Center would chastise garden centers for stocking geraniums on garden center shelves in Ohio in mid-April. But some grower somewhere was selling them that early. John Casertano of Casertano Greenhouses, our cover story subject, is fighting the A to Z retail mentality.

- William R. Carlson knows what he’s talking about when it comes to Web site design. His article highlights Stanford University’s 10 important guidelines for building excellent sites. My favorite: #5 Make it easy to contact you. “Have a ‘contact us’ section with clickable addresses.

- ANLA’s Management Clinic has a sock hop-type theme this year. Fun!

-Poinsettias and jalapenos make terrible roommates, according to Stuppy’s ad on page 45. Clever.

-Different rates are required if you’re topdressing controlled-release fertilizers versus incorporating.

That's all I'm telling ya. You'll have to pick up the November issue of Greenhouse Grower for the details.

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pete said...

Hi Sara! Just wondering if you could be bothered to send me a subscription form? Thanks in advance!