Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Severe Drought In Georgia

Just heard from Chris Butts at Charmar Flowers in Athens, Georiga. The garden center/florist is and has been struggling with water issues, and Chris says there is talk of a complete water ban through next spring.

"After 36 years and 3 generations, our family business had to announce last week that will be closing our doors effective at the end of the year," Chris says. put out these FAQs yesterday, tips and dos and don'ts for water use. Here are a few more tips from Chris on water issues:
  1. Get involved NOW at your local level. Generally, each municipality has a great deal of latitude with regards to local rules for water use.
  2. Engage these departments and begin dialogue or else they will dictate to you.
  3. Become familiar with all local and state ordinances regarding water usage.Urge your state associations to establish working committees to work with legislators and reach out to other associations who have a critical stake in water use.
  4. Develop economic impact data on city/county/ regional and state levels. Let your elected officials know that you are a player economically and establish relationships before drought happens.
  5. Demand that all drought planning as well as water conservation planning include green industry representatives. Ask for a seat at the table.
  6. The time to start….. NOW! Don’t wait for a drought to start.

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chris said...

Thanks for posting the information on the blog as well as in the newsleter. This issue is too important to leave to chance.