Thursday, September 20, 2007

What's Wal-Mart Sustaining? And For How Long?

Last week, Delilah and I attended Grower Talks' Greenhouse Experience here in Cleveland. Yeah, it was a little weird being at our competitor's event, but I thought the event was really good, especially the speakers focused around mass merchandisers.

Delilah wrote about one in our e-newsletter, Benchrunner, yesterday. Wal-Mart's Senior Horticultural Buyer spoke about the chain's movement toward sustainability - in its stores and in the horticultural products it sells. You can read her story here.

Almost immediately after the e-newsletter sent, we got an e-mail from a grower questioning Wal-Mart's motives.

"Maybe they should look at employee and supplier 'essentials' first, it might make it easier to swallow their 'deep concern for the environment,'" he said. If Wal-Mart really does care so much about sustainability, most would argue that fair employment and business practices should be included in that definition.

I really wouldn't blame any supplier to any of the mass merchandisers for being suspicious of movements and trends that demand they change their production processes. But you all are closer to these retailers than I am.

Are we putting all our eggs in one basket? Do you think this green movement is here to stay, both with retailers and consumers? You can comment anonymously below.

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