Friday, September 28, 2007

How Can You Grow Just One?

I get these great press releases every so often from Schreurs with gorgeous photography of the company's products. This is the selection of just the mini gerberas. (Does anyone grow these in the U.S., by the way? I don't think I've seen them.) There's a whole other page for regular-sized ones.

A lot of people talk about how we're drowning in too much variety selection, but how do you choose, seriously? They're all gorgeous. And how can you have faith in a new variety? Based on the breeder's reputation? Do you test first?


pete said...

My brother has a small cut-Gerbera greenhouse here in Niagara. He imports a great assortment of varieties from a Dutch company. ( check out their website

He chooses varieties based on a range of things:

I love taking my wife and kids through, just in the hope that our children will also be flower lovers!!!

Sara Tambascio said...

I visited Terra Nigra ( when I was in Holland in January. All the growers we visited had beautiful crops, but the gerberas at this place had everyone's camera shutters snapping non-stop! Gerberas do that to you. I think getting your kids in the greenhouse early and often will surely give them an appreciation of what you do.