Wednesday, August 29, 2007

No-Match, No Problems?

We're looking at a no-match letter showdown.

Homeland Security's "no-match" regulation will take effect Sept. 14. Employees will be notified if an employees name and Social Security number don't match on government records. The department says it will send out 15,000 letters each week. I've seen reports that as many as 140,000 letters will be sent.

What's new about this regulation? It clarifies the employer's obligation. Here's what the Social Security Administration says:

DHS has advised us that the information provided in the employer no-match letter could expose the employer to potential liability under the immigration law. To provide employers with guidance on how to respond to employer no-match letters consistent with employers' obligations under U.S. immigration laws, SSA's release of Tax Year 2006 employer no-match letters will be accompanied by a letter from DHS.

Here's more FAQs on no-match letters direct from the SSA.

Immigration Law Blog is also a nice place to check into for opinions on this whole thing. Here's what she said about no-match letters.

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