Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why Pinterest Is A No-Brainer For Garden Centers

Pinterest is the social site that lets users keep track of their favorite photos and group them into categories, called boards. This is the ultimate lookbook - save images of everything that you like, from wedding plans to summer garden plans. Pinterest places more emphasis on images than text.

"What Tumblr was to 2011, Twitter was to 2007, and Facebook was to 2006, a site called Pinterest is to 2012," says the San Francisco Chronicle.

The Chronicle says that the site, launched in 2009, had 11 million visitors during one week in December of 2011, and estimates monthly users is around 40 million uniques by mid-January - 40% growth year over year.

How has it grown so quickly? From word of mouth. Pinterest has grown organically with a female-majority of users. Mashable reports 59% of users are female. I've seen many pin boards designated for weddings (and every category under wedding - wedding hair, wedding manicures, wedding cakes), new babies, home decor and, of course, gardens.

For what we do, there isn't a better idea out there right now, in my opinion. When we write about a flower or a design concept, I can use a million words to describe it, but there's nothing like seeing it. Show your customers how you interpret the trends, and how you can help them achieve the look at home.

How To Use Pinterest

1. Apply for an account invitation at Or ask someone you know on Pinterest for an invitation.

2. Once you receive your invitation, link your account to your Facebook account. It will let everyone on Facebook know that you've joined Pinterest. You can also link individual pins to Facebook and Twitter.

3. Create boards for garden, decor, holiday, pots, edibles, miniature gardening. Anything you'll be looking for content on and that you want to share with your readers.

4. Share images from articles from your local garden writers.

5. Start liking and repinning other users' pins and follow gardening boards. Get a feel for what real gardeners like. Join the community.

So with a female user base and a visual delivery, how can Pinterest go wrong? I follow Goebbert's Farm and Rice's Nursery on Pinterest. Take a look at what they're doing.

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